Our visit to Txepetxa scientific bird ringing centre

Last Friday we went to Garaio, Alava, to visit our experts from Txepetxa scientific bird ringing centre. This foundation has been for more than twenty years the only scientific bird ringing centre in the province of Alava, in the Basque Country. It is composed by 9 main members, all of them degreed in the Aranzadi Bird Ringing Office, in San Sebastian. Although it was quite a long trip, we had a great time learning the basics of bird ringing, which was such an interesting activity due to the aim of our scientific project.

Once we arrived, at first we meet Jordi Gomez, one of the first bird ringers in Spain, closely related to the research of birds and their respective ringing around the country. Some experts like Teresa Andrés or Andrea Miguelez helped us and taught us the essential aspects in this wonderful and necessary branch of bird research.

DSC03589.JPGThe bird ringer Teresa Andrés, taking notes of a Common Robin, found among the woods.

In the image above, a researcher can be seen taking notes in a specialized notebook. Some data like the height, the weight, the age or the fat may  be measured and placed correctly acording to international treats about bird ringing.

DSC03557.JPG“Guia para la identificacion de los Passeriformes Europeos” LARS SVENSSON. An essential book with the aim of identifying the found bird and have more information about the individual.

We took a walk in the woods, later on, to find some birds stucked up in any of the nets placed in the middle of the forest. We meet up with some little birds like the Common Robin. In the images below we can see some of the specimens we analyzed:

DSC03582.JPG“Common Robin” 
DSC03596.JPG“Sylvia atricapilla”
DSC03612.JPG“Cyanistes caeruleus”

We invite you to visit this wonderful research team in Garaio, Alava, to enjoy yourserves learning about bird ringing and basking a sunny journey in touch with the nature. Thank you so much, guys!


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